Now You Can Invest In Real Estate With Little Capital

Dated: July 15 2020

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Do you want to invest in real estate but discouraged by your low financial capability? Not to worry, we have a solution. Here are proven ways of getting much done in terms of real estate investments without breaking the bank.

Flexible sellers

You can buy move-in ready properties as an investor with as low as a 5% down payment. All you have to do is find sellers and turnkey providers that offer this investment option. This real estate investment supports minimal down payment and renovation costs. However, you may end up paying high-interest rates, which will not be a problem if you get excellent positive cash flow.

Lease with a purchase option

This purchase option (or the lease-purchase or rent-to-own), allows investors to make payments in a similar way to ordinary lease. The payments go into the purchase of investment properties. The tenant must buy the property at a predetermined price and in a predetermined timeframe. The investor is prohibited from selling the property in this timeframe. You will need a proper legal document for this investment type.

FHA Loan

You can get an FHA mortgage once you make a down payment of just 3.5% for an owner-occupied property. For flip properties, you can occupy it to qualify for the mortgage, renovate, and finally sell. Alternatively, you may buy a multifamily property and occupy a part while renting out others. Now, if you are unable to secure a bank approval, you can still get loans through the channels below:

Hard Money Loan

The lender here is a private company or investor. The lender wants to see the value of the property you are buying with the loan. There is little or no need for your credit score here. The loan is approved once the lender finds the property valuable enough for the loan's worth. The property will serve as the collateral.

Private Money Loan

This requires you to source for money from your friends, family, or a willing investor. You must be ready to negotiate a favorable interest rate that suits both parties and other essential agreement terms. Usually, you pay back the loan with interest after a stipulated period – usually after concluding the real estate investment.

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