Check Out These Tricks Before Investing In Fix-And-Flips

Dated: July 16 2020

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Fix-and-flip is a lucrative real estate investment strategy for investors that understand its rudiments and how to make it work for them. For instance, fast and costly actions are required to make quick cash from flips. Investors tend to misinterpret this. Hence, they rush the renovation to save time – a decision that turns out counterproductive. You do not have to make the same mistake if you follow this post to the end. Below, we have listed proven tricks on how to cut costs and maximize your ROI from fix-and-flip investments.

1. Identify your goals and costs early enough.

Once there is a suitable investment property on your radar, do a thorough inspector of the said property. You may need the help of an inspector to ascertain the types and extent of the renovations required. Using this information, you can draw a budget, the required materials, and the best way to go about the renovation. This is the only way to avoid unplanned additional costs.

2. Keep good-finds whenever you see one.

Seizing the right opportunities is vital in this business. Whenever you find a good deal, secure them for future use. They do not necessarily have to be on your shopping list. Buy them once they show high ROI potentials. Most times, income properties do not need much fixing before they are ready to be flipped. You may want to handle this on your own instead of adding it to your contractor's responsibilities. Here is a tip – research on the types of investment properties in demand and stock-up on them.

3. Never ignore any shopping option.

You need to start earlier if you want to save considerably on materials. Once you are not in a hurry, you are better positioned to look for the best deals from all possible corners. Check online, attend yard sales, and contact distributors. While at it, prioritize seeking information like membership deals or bonuses. Note that this approach takes more time, but you will most likely find top materials at bargain prices.

4. Look for cheaper labor.

Be open to working with subcontractors. Subcontractors are usually employees or individuals who contractors outsource some of their works to. While at it, look out for reliable, qualified, reliable, and licensed ones. You may also consider friends and acquaintances with experience or expertise in construction as your construction workers. Whatever you do, always put them on an agreement that clearly captures their interests and yours. And if done right, you can save some money on labor over time.

5. Source for money the right way.

It is no news that you need money to finance a flip. Most times, there are a couple of options to choose from, depending on your experience, budget, and credit score. For instance, some prefer traditional financing and private or hard money lenders. However, these choices usually come with high-interest rates and little flexibility. A better option will be real estate crowdfunding – you get the money fast because the process is relatively simpler. However, if you end up going for the traditional financing options, push for quick approval so that your flip is not delayed.

Put these five tricks to good use and watch your investment in fix-and-flips go smoothly as planned. Good luck.

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