9 Dangerous Real Estate Mistakes You Should Avoid

Dated: July 15 2020

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Real estate investment is a big deal. You either go hard or go home. To go hard, you must understand the common mistakes investors make and how best to avoid them.

Fortunately, this article will show you all of these and more.

Problem 1 – Skipping the basics Unlike other businesses that require you to acquire special education, real estate investment is open to participation to anyone and everyone. However, you should learn all the basics before diving in. Otherwise, you may struggle when you get into the thick of the action. Get familiar with every terms and formula associated with real estate, as well as the red flags and their implications. Learn to research consistently and stay in touch with the latest trends and news. Check out top real estate investment blogs and websites for tips and updates. All these will ensure that you do not enter into the wrong investments.

Problem 2 – Overspending Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned expert in real estate investment, you are not immune to overpaying for a property. However, it is a very costly mistake that should be avoided as much as possible. To avoid overspending on a property, do proper market research and analytics to determine the market value and the possible ROI. This will guide you when making an offer and ensure you do not end up in a loss.

Problem 3 – Short-term approach You must be patient if you want to get the best out of real estate investments. There are no guarantees of fast, massive ROIs on investment properties. Most times, a long-term approach to real estate investment is the only way to build huge wealth. This entails several right investments, which usually take many years. Both the appreciation and positive cash flow real estate investment strategies require patience. Therefore, you should discard all thoughts of making quick profits from real estate. The few speculative investment strategies that offer high ROIs in a short time come with huge risks. You are better off with safer investments that pay off in the long run, except you are ready to take such risks.

Problem 4 – Multitasking Avoid doing several things at a time. No matter how versatile you are, outsourcing some aspects of the business is required at some point. Learn to work with experts like real estate agents, home inspectors, or analysts. While you may have to pay them for their quality services, the investment is always worth it. Plus, it will save you from costly mistakes and even bigger financial problems. So, quit being a lone soldier and embrace teamwork.

Problem 5- Poor negotiation Like any other business arrangement, negotiation remains a vital tool in real estate investments. Both the buyer and the seller must be willing and ready to go over the terms of an offer to ensure both parties are satisfied. The negotiation points include terms of sales, obligations of the parties, and, more importantly, the price. Good negotiation skill is a mix of firmness and compromise. Once you have honed your ability to negotiate, go ahead and apply it to every of your real estate deals. Failure to do this may put you at a loss, considering that you will end up with unprofitable investment most times.

Problem 6 – Ignoring other mortgage options You must be open-minded as a real estate investor. Going with the first mortgage option that appeals to you is not always the best decision. If you look a little longer, you will find better and more favorable options to choose from. So, always extend your search and do your due diligence judiciously. Do not settle for a mortgage unless it is the best among the rest, and it fits into your needs. You will be surprised to see how little differences in mortgage offers can grow into thousands of dollars in expenses over the years.

Problem 7 – Poor or zero planning for expenses Owning a property will always come with expenses, which you must plan for. Failure to do this puts you at risk of failure. Such expenses include ongoing maintenance costs and periodic upgrades and renovations. When planning for these expenses, go for the maximum costs possible, and integrate them into your ROI assessment. This is the only way to keep your investment on track.

Problem 8 – Not knowing the numbers You are in the real estate investment to make some money. Therefore, failure to crunch the numbers before entering into an investment is counterproductive. Understanding common concepts like return on investment, capitalization rate, and cash on cash return will ensure that you do not make the wrong investment calls. The failure to understand the numbers and their implications can be the biggest setback for a real estate investment. If this is not what you can do on your own, hire professionals or use various kinds of investment property software out there to help yourself. Do not go into an investment unless you are sure that it is a profitable one.

Problem 9 – Misunderstanding Cash Flow Cash flow is a big deal in investment properties, and you must always plan for the worst-case possible as a property owner. Your backup plans may include putting up the vacant property as a short-term rental, pending the time a full-time tenant emerges. Alternatively, you may consider reducing rent without failing to record profits. If you fail to do these, you may eventually run at a loss if an unplanned vacancy happens.


You can only get the desired results in real estate investment if you do the right things the right way. Real estate investment is a ‘game of no mistake’ because even the slightest mistake can have serious repercussions. Avoid mistakes by making the proper checks, researching before making calls, and seek professional help when and where necessary.

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